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1234 Abrams Rd., Dallas, Texas 75214

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Ebby House

The Ebby House

The Ebby House will be a community designed to prepare young women ages 18-22, who have aged out of the foster care system, for a successful future. The solution-based program will serve up to 16 women at a time. These single women will live in a residential home on the Fowler grounds, under the guidance of a house mom for 12-24 months. Within our intergenerational community, young women will benefit from the wisdom of our elders and the encouragement of mentors..

Through our partnerships and our professional expertise, The Ebby House residents will be mentored in life skills [health and wellness, personal finance, etc], communication, computer skills, career guidance, opportunities for education beyond high school/GED, job training and volunteerism.

The Ebby House is named in honor of Dallas real estate icon Ebby Halliday Acers, who has worked tirelessly for more than 70 years to provide economic opportunities and assistance for others.

At The Ebby House, young women will live and be loved while learning to be become self-reliant, entrepreneurial and philanthropic. Ebby Halliday Acers and Juliette Fowler Communities believe that these traits are the hallmarks of an empowered individual for the future. Located in a renovated building facing Abrams Road, the house is expected to be open in the third quarter of 2014. Fowler will seek to raise approximately $1 million to renovate the building. The program will be privately funded and will not rely on public assistance.

Breaking the Cycle

The Ebby House will seek to change the tragic outcomes for many young women who have aged out of the foster care system who have no family connections. Statistics from the Foster Care Alumni of America are heartbreaking:

  • 84% become a parent within 2-4 years after leaving foster care
  • 51% are unemployed
  • 50% are homeless
  • 30% are receiving public assistance
  • 25% are in prison

The Ebby House seeks to prepare young women for a life of responsibility, wellness, employment, education and independence.


Currently, we are seeking funding for building renovations for The Ebby House. In 2014, we will also seek program funding. To learn how you can support The Ebby House and impact the lives of young women who have aged out of foster care, please contact Ann McKinley, or 214.827.0813, ext. 1336